Fast Romantics – Kidcutter

Band: Fast Romantics
EP: Kidcutter

Fast Romantics will be celebrating the release of Kidcutter, an EP follow-up to their 2009 debut full-length. Originally hailing from Calgary, the band is comprised of Matthew Angus (vocals, guitar), Laurna Germscheid (keys, vocals), Jeffrey Lewis (bass), John de Jesus (guitar) and Alan Reain (drums). Although Kidcutter has been available on iTunes for quite some time, the EP is now being released proper.

Kidcutter starts off with “Cool Kids,” a catchy drumbeat joined by even catchier keyboard-work. Then the harmonics come in and it’s easy to be immediately sold on this EP opener. The EP is coloured with harmonies, a sound that pays homage to sounds from the 50s and 60s. Angus sings, “Won’t you try, won’t you try to talk to me?” inviting the listener. There’s pleading in his voice, a trait showcasing Angus’ true performer personality. “Denim Tuxedo” follows, a song that is a little more guitar-driven, a little grittier, but still firmly pop. Perhaps the biggest standout on harmonies, with handclaps to boot, is “Pretty Strangers.”

Given the band name, it shouldn’t be surprising that lyrics mostly allude to relationships, casual and romantic. As Angus sings, “I know that it’s a sin, but our bodies can’t be wrong,” there’s intensity in his voice. While Angus’ voice dominates the album, the texturing from the rest of the band defines their upbeat, danceable sound. The EP ends with “Last Night,” which ends with a chorus of vocals and a purposeful sloppy ending, really making it clear just how much fun this band really is.

Kidcutter stays true to the Fast Romantics’ danceable sound and this translates even better live. While this EP has conveys coolness, a release timed perfectly as the weather lightens up, the live energy is nothing short of hot. Catch the Fast Romantics tomorrow at Wrongbar for their EP release show with Shoot the Image, who are releasing their debut album.


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