Daniel Romano Celebrates Sleep Beneath the Willow at The Dakota Tavern

Date of show: April 5, 2011

Daniel Romano had the packed crowd at The Dakota Tavern completely captivated form the moment he started his set. He began with “Time Forgot (To Change My Heart),” which is also the song that starts off his latest, Sleep Beneath the Willow. Romano brought along backing band The Trilliums, all dressed alike with trilliums on their jackets, which comprised of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, bass and drums, as while as backing vocals from Misha Bower (Bruce Peninsula).

Romano also played a handful of songs without the backing band, simply accompanied by Bower on vocals. The set was heartfelt, full of a sense of earnest and as Romano sang, the emotion on his face was evident. Although the set was heavily driven by Sleep Beneath the Willow, as it was the day of the release, Romano did play tunes from Workin’ For The Music Man. Romano’s work carries such heartachingly beautiful power, even in the simplest arrangements with just Bower, such as with “She Was The World To Me” and “Louise.”

At one point, as Romano tuned his guitar, I heard a voice yell out, “Use a tuner!” This was followed by, “Listen to your father!” The evening was a celebration with family and friends alike, including many recognizable musicians. The celebration was completely justified, as Sleep Beneath the Willow is a beautiful album, and sounds just as lovely and moving live. But would you expect anything less from the talent that is Daniel Romano?

The Weather Station

Tamara Lindeman, who goes by the moniker The Weather Station, started off the night. Opening up with a tune on the banjo, she immediately hushed the crowd with her beautiful voice. She then went through more tunes on guitar, even remarking at the stage of the guitar she was playing. “It’s not mine… yet,” she said. There was a simple yet intimate feel to her set, as she revealed small details about the songs she was playing and being honest about ones she had once doubted, such as a song she played about flowers. The depth of her songwriting is evident and I look forward to her forthcoming album, which was recorded by Daniel Romano and features Romano and Misha Bower. Considering the preview she gave The Dakota Tavern, it’s going to be beautiful.

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