Couples – s/t

Band: Couples
EP: Couples
Shot of choice: whiskey

Couples is a Montreal-based band, although actually 2/3 Sault Ste. Marie and 1/3 Moncton, with a penchant for writing short and fuzzy tunes. Their self-titled EP is made up of 8 songs, but doesn’t even reach 16 minutes and their isn’t a single song that reaches over 3 minutes. The 3-piece is made up of Adam Fiore (guitar, vocals), Paul Hardy (bass, vocals), and Michael Wright (drums).

I have to hand it to the band because they know where their strength lies. They keep the songs short, but there’s an excellent variety. The 38-second opener, “Heart Broke,” immediately had my attention. Then the EP launches into riff-driven “In Another Country” with vocals suited so well for their garage sound. My favourite song is likely “Mubelles,” the EP closer, which is a slower tune and really had me taken aback with pleading vocals.

Although I think they’ve put out a good collection of songs, I’d like to see Couples harness what they can put into several songs into longer songs with more substance. They have all the elements, but by the time you’re into a song, it’s over.


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