Buying Shots for Huron at the Flash Lightnin’ CD Release Party

Huron @ The Horseshoe Tavern, 08-12-10
[Note: We really apologize for Adam Melnick not being in the photo. He’s blocked by Pete Hall (left). However, their friend Mike did make it into the photo.]

Date of show: August 12, 2010
Shot of choice: Because this is far more amusing, I will just quote Aaron Goldstein:
“Oh we don’t discriminate but if pressed we’d probably prefer some sort of whiskey, in drinking glasses (as opposed to shot glasses). Having traveled some of the mid-to-low level taverns of this great country I find myself partial to Johnny W, Wiser’s Deluxe, and Jameson. Might be a game-time decision for us.”

There are a good amount of bands that all three of us at buying shots for bands like, but there’s just a handful of bands that we really love. Huron is one of those bands that fall into the latter category. When faced with a potential scheduling conflict, Rachel’s response was, “But it’s Huron!” And indeed, as one of the gems of Hamilton, this was not a show any of us were about to miss.

These guys were incredibly grateful to share the stage with Biblical, who started off this party, and, of course, Flash Lightnin’, the honourees of the night. Cam Malcolm (vocals, guitar) asked the crowd to cheers Flash Lightnin’, dubbed by Cam as “the greatest rock band ever.” [More on Flash Lightnin’ and Biblical here.]

Not to sound too cliché, but they’re a little bit country and they’re a little bit rock and roll. And yes, for their 7-song set, they put in a lot of soul (sorry, I had to do it). These guys absolutely bring it. In fact, during “King and Country,” the second song in, Cam blew a string after shredding a good one. Pete Hall (drums, vocals) led the stage banter while Cam tuned a new guitar, but admitted it was unusual by saying, “I’m not supposed to talk.” Co-frontman Aaron Goldstein (vocals, guitar, pedal steel) played a little pedal steel to help him out in the distraction.

Huron played some of the favourites off of their self-titled debut album, including “Corktown,” which started off the set, but also played a few new tunes. All their songs sound bigger and bolder live, and the vocals of both Aaron and Cam are complement each other so well. These guys bring country-laden riffs melded so perfectly with some straight up rock and roll.

These guys are excellent at what they do. Both Aaron and Cam really lay into their guitars and Aaron is truly a master at his craft on pedal steel. Adam Melnick (bass, keys) hangs out in the back, but his laid back stage presence almost balances the edge of the two frontmen bring. Pete holds the beat well, but also manages to provide great harmonies. He’s also got a talent for producing, as he helped produce Terra Lightfoot’s debut album. All members of the band have worked with other artists, including all with Terra Lightfoot, or have side projects. The boys in Huron keep busy and you can look forward to more of that in their future. All that hard work surely makes them deserving of a shot, so buy them a shot, will ya?!

Oh and their album is streaming in its entirety on their website. Please check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10
Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Huron @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10

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