Flash Lightnin’ Brings a Night of Straight Up Rock ‘n’ Roll at Their CD Release

Flash Lightnin' @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10

Date of show: August 12, 2010

Immediately, as soon as they came on stage with a dramatic entrance, I knew Flash Lightnin’ was going to be entertaining. Members of this Toronto-based three-piece are Darren Glover (guitar, vocals), Darcy Yates (bass), and, the newest member of the band, Rich Knox (drums). The band describes their style on their Facebook page as “straight up rock and roll” and that is truly what these guys brought to The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern that night.

With heavy riffs almost bigger than the stage, Flash Lightnin’ impressed the crowd. Darren’s got a great wail and he was particularly fascinating to watch. He was all over the stage at points, especially as he got into his guitar solos. But what I particularly found interesting was the way Darren was gazing into the crowd, almost wanting to make eye contact with every single fan. He seemed to want to completely absorb the night.

Flash Lightnin’ pulled out all the stops for their set. They brought amazing guests, Biblical and Huron, to kick off the night [more on Huron’s set can be found here]. They had giveaways, such as copies of their album, that they threw into the crowd. They also brought guests to the stage to help recreate the album. Their final song brought amazing solos from both guitar and drums. At the very end, the guys in Flash Lightnin’ took a bow to a packed crowd at the front of the stage. It appeared to be a successful CD release party for the band, and an enjoyable night all around.

Flash Lightnin' @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Flash Lightnin' @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Flash Lightnin' @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10


Biblical was first on stage and I’m going to tell you how much we know about Biblical going into the night: absolutely nothing. But, in our defence, there really isn’t much up on their MySpace, other than their names. In fact, before one of their songs, they introduced it by saying, “We’re gonna play yet another song that you don’t know.”

The guys in Biblical bring some slick rock ‘n’ roll riffs with some hard-hitting drums, and really impressive guitar solos. Members include Nick Sewell (vocals, bass), Matt McLaren (guitar, vocals), Jay Anderson (drums), and Andrew Scott (guitar, keys). Together, they have an undeniable stage presence. They drew a pretty decent sized crowed to the front, despite being the opening set. For their last song, “Nickel and Dime,” Nick was actually off the stage rocking out in the crowd. For a band that we knew nothing about, we were pretty impressed. Stay tuned to see what this band has coming up next.

Biblical @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10 Biblical @ the Horseshoe, 12-08-10

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