Shawn Clarke – Like Birds Too Tired to Fly

Artist: Shawn Clarke
Album: Like Birds Too Tired to Fly
Shot of choice: whiskey

This folk singer-songwriter creates lyrically engaging music that’s coloured with personal experience, including crushes, break-ups and moving to Toronto. When listening to the album, pay attention to the lyrics because they will paint a picture that will put you in Shawn’s shoes or cause nostalgia and bring you back to your own personal experiences.

He’s also worked with some great musicians on the album, Like Birds Too Tired to Fly. Among a host of other talented musicians, you’ll hear Olenka Krakus (Olenka and the Autumn Loves) on “Empty House” as well as all members of The Wilderness of Manitoba on “Sick Song” and “Untitled”. The album is full of pretty harmonies and arrangements that bring the songs to life.

Expect good things from Shawn, and some growth, as he continues to promote this album and help out fellow musicians and friends (such as Timber Timbre and Olenka and the Autumn Lovers). He’s also got a great blog. Oh and if you see him around, buy him a shot!


Categories: Recorded


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