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An Evening of Folk at the Smiling Buddha

Date of show: August 24, 2010 Shot of choice: whiskey (Shawn Clarke) It was a quiet evening of folk music at the Smiling Buddha, a little bar at College and Dovercourt. It was PWYC and Shawn Clarke came around with his hat and personally greeted everyone. It was a lovely touch. Kensington Prairie Kensington Prairie […]

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Shawn Clarke – Like Birds Too Tired to Fly

Artist: Shawn Clarke Album: Like Birds Too Tired to Fly Shot of choice: whiskey This folk singer-songwriter creates lyrically engaging music that’s coloured with personal experience, including crushes, break-ups and moving to Toronto. When listening to the album, pay attention to the lyrics because they will paint a picture that will put you in Shawn’s […]

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