Bandmances – Band-to-Band Love at its Finest

If you go to a lot of shows, you must already know that so many bands are connected.

Some guys are roommates.
Here’s an example of some love via twitter between Tyler Bancroft (Said the Whale) and Zach Gray (The Zolas):
@the zolas: I need a nighttime friend.
@saidthewhale: @thezolas I’ll be home in 4 hours big guy

Some guys are former bandmates.
At a recent show, when Lowell Sostomi introduced a song, he dedicated it to Andrew Kekewich (formerly of a member of Great Bloomers, currently in The Wooden Sky). Kekewich was right up front rocking out to “Catching Up.”

Some guys are both roommates and former bandmates.
Both Andrew Hobbs and Craig Stickland from We Are The Take used to be in a band called Eighty Eight with Kyle Watt, current drummer of Great Bloomers. Craig and Kyle are actually currently roommates and at the same show mentioned above, Craig made the references. When thanking Great Bloomers for sharing the stage, as they played prior to We Are The Take, Craig said, “How about my roommate Kyle and the Great Bloomers!” When introducing the encore, Craig said, “Kyle, my roommate, is playing acoustic guitar for the first time on stage ever.” The encore, by the way, was a cover of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by Great Bloomers and We Are The Take.

Now, the fact that I would notice this may seem really ridiculous, but I love it because it shows personality. Obviously I love bands because of their music, but sometimes there’s got to be something extra special to make a band stand out. Band-to-band love is something that I frequently see in the twitter world. Bandmances just happen to stand out to me. Want more examples? I know you do.

@hollerado: Winnipeg was a blast! Except @kevanH who was totally lame and I wish he was Said The Whale instead.
@saidthewhale: @hollerado haha I love you guys. I wish we were together every night for all eternity.

@aidanknight: I’m really missing @grahamwright these days.
@WeAreTheCity: I miss @aidanknight.
@aidanknight: @WeAreTheCity I had to give it a few days to sink in, but I’m really missing you guys. When’s that going to change?
@grahamwright: @WeAreTheCity @aidanknight God get a room guys. Preferably a room in my house.

@arkellsmusic: You guys are too handsome. Worried about that. RT @_sansebastian: If we could tour with any band in the whole world, it would be arkells.

@arkellsmusic: You’re charming my pants off. Girls, watch out! RT @_sansebastian: Just listening 2 arkells & having a great Friday.

Ahhh twitter, the wonderful things you’ll read and find out about a band. 😉

Some advice: follow your favourite bands on twitter. You’ll read these wonderful comments, but you’ll also discover a lot of new music. And isn’t that what these social networking sites are all about? Enjoy!

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