The Glorious Sons at The Dakota Tavern

Date of Show: August 22, 2013
Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

Kingston’s The Glorious Sons released their debut EP Shapeless Art on September 24. In preparation for the release, I got the chance to check them out at an industry-only event at The Dakota Tavern last month. Their set began slowly with piano-based melodies and acapella vocals from lead singer Brett Emmons before he took a step back, thrust back his long locks and upped the rock appeal of “Ruby.” Constantly toe-tapping his way around the stage, the energy from the dynamic frontman could not be contained and he soon had a room full of industry folk partaking in a call and answer right out of the gate.

The five-piece band bring a brand of hook-filled blue-collar rock and roll that is both raw and edgy yet bright and catchy. Their frantically hard-hitting tambourine, head-banging worthy harmonica and four-part gang vocals feels fresh and has a life to it that should take them beyond the bar scene. With guitarists Jay Emmons and Andrew Young also taking lead vocals on certain songs, this had the added benefit of expanding the range of their sound – which even dipped into southern gospel-esque at times.

Beginning simply before exploding into smashing keys, thrashing kick drum, and sing along-inducing “woo-hoo-hoo’s,” title track “Shapeless Art” had “radio single” written all over it. John-Angus Macdonald (The Trews), who produced their EP after they won the Whiskey Rocks Showdown last year then joined them on acoustic guitar for their current single and just as catchy, “Mama.“ After a cover of “Hound Dog,” their set came to a close with “White Noise.”

There does remain some stiffness in the band’s overall live performance that needs to be softened and shook up a bit more but that will likely come as they gain their tour legs and more experience on the road. Having also won 97.7 HITZ FM’s Rocksearch and opened for The Trews over the summer, they are now heading on tour in support of The Balconies and then Head of the Herd – so that experience is likely to come pretty quickly. Full tour details can be found on their website. You can also pick up a copy of their EP!

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