The Darcys – Warring

The Darcys - Warring

Band: The Darcys
Album: Warring

Warring is The Darcys’ third album released by Arts & Crafts, following their self-titled released in 2011 and their re-imagination of Steely Dan’s AJA released in 2012. While their self-titled still had remnants of a former band member who wrote all the lyrics on the album, this album gave drummer Wes Marskell (alongside frontman Jason Couse for a couple songs) a chance to showcase his own evocative lyricism. Warring seems to be a bit of a coming out party for the 4-piece; The Darcys have finally come full circle to create something truly representative of the band today.

Since the Toronto-based band knows fans have been anxiously awaiting this release, The Darcys pre-released 4 songs before the September 17th album release date, so fans are likely familiar with “The River”, “Muzzle Blast”, “Hunting” and “Horses Fell”. Those familiar with the band’s previous work will note that they have again found a way to reinvent themselves. Overall, a brooding atmosphere colours the album, but it seems as though the band has found a way to marry their distortion-filled guitar-driven sound from their self-titled with the synth-based sound from their re-imagination of AJA.

Warring picks up not far where The Darcys left off on their self-titled with “Close To Me.” As the song builds up with repetition in the lyrics, there’s a tension that looms with Couse singing, “I started a war that you couldn’t shut out.” As true a rock song as The Darcys offer, “Hunting” then features Couse’s airy falsetto singing above the distinctive percussion and noisy guitar-work that make this track stand out on the album. With “Horses Fell,” the listener is treated to something entirely different – a dreamy synth-infused sound. Showing a softer side, “The Pacific Theatre” is a quiet piano affair, a song that winds down side A of the album. The tension resumes for “The River” before another couple upbeat tunes. The hazy “Muzzle Blast” leads into the final track on the album, “Lost Dogfights,” which has a dramatic, haunting feel, one that may leave the listener in a bit of a daze as the album comes to a close.

The Darcys will be playing at Adelaide Hall on October 11, 2013. If you purchase advance tickets, you’ll receive a copy of the album at the show or, if you’re lucky, you may still find a record at one of the record stores or the Arts & Crafts office bundled with a ticket. Bottom line: grab a ticket and we’ll see you at the show.


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