Revelstoke – My-Oh-My

Artist: Revelstoke
EP: My-Oh-My

Toronto’s Revelstoke caught some attention after releasing his debut EP, Esprit D’Escalier. Andrew Seale’s poetic lyricism alongside experimental and unconventional sounds marked his debut. Revelstoke’s follow-up EP, My-Oh-My was released last month and it should be noted that Seale’s vocals are much more prominently featured here. However, he still makes excellent use of looping pedals, bowed guitar, mandolin and banjo to create his layered and eclectic sounds.

As Seale repeats, “This is just getting started” on “Colony Collapse Disorder,” the listener gets the idea that Revelstoke is indeed just getting started on showcasing his sound. “Dan La Mer (Howl For Sade)” is much more upbeat than the opener, featuring the harmonica and glockenspiel. “It’s Flawed Because It’s True” is a little more conversational at parts, a song that seems to shimmer with the use of horns. Closer “San Sebastian” has a summery sound and is likely my favourite in this short 4-song EP. Perhaps it is the impending winter, but hearing about summer and surfing just sets in a smile.

Revelstoke’s multi-instrumentalist talents carry this EP and his overall sound. After reacquainting myself with Revelstoke’s earlier EP, he seems to be evolving as an artist in a direction that is much more accessible, while still clinging to the experimental folk that has become attached to his name. You can check out both of Revelstoke’s EPs on his Bandcamp.


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