Lori Nuic – Flaws of Attraction

Artist: Lori Nuic
Album: Flaws of Attraction

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

In a day and age when most mainstream female pop singers are known more for how little clothing they wear or their wild escapades, along comes Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lori Nuic with her sophomore release Flaws of Attraction to renew your faith in the female gender. Following up on her 2007 debut album Red Book Chronicles, Flaws offers a gritty blend of R&B, soul, and pop. Often similar in style to big names like Alicia Keys and my favourite guilty pleasure “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson, Flaws is filled with catchy hooks and danceable rhythms without meandering into the stereotypical or syrupy “bubblegum pop.” Because of this it offers a sound that can be appreciated by both mainstream and independent music fans alike. At the very least, Nuic’s voice is one that demands your attention.

Aptly titled Flaws of Attraction, Nuic sings about love, lust, (broken) relationships and all the problems that ensue when you let your emotions dictate your actions. Like reading your most intimate journal entries or having the best chat with your closest girl friend, you feel like you know Nuic personally by the end of the record. Through the power of music you’ve experienced what she experienced right along with her, learned through her mistakes, and can now also bask in the personal strength she finds at the end.

The album opens with some of its strongest – and poppiest – tracks: “Misunderstood” and “Crossfire,” giving the listener a peek into the girl beaten up by the world and the reasoning behind her tough outer shell. They are soon followed by “Back to Love,” a hard-hitting R&B/pop anthem that is sure to have all the ladies singing along. True to the typical formula of a pop record, the last three tracks slow it down with more of a “ballad-y” quality to them. Reflective and contemplative lyrics backed by melodic piano and more of an acoustic guitar, they really allow Nuic’s voice to take centre stage. “Nobody” bares a vulnerability that she often tries to shield earlier on in the record and on final track “Not Looking Back,” despite being broken inside, Nuic sheds the anger of being hurt and displays more of an inner strength and acceptance of moving on: “I’m not looking back, not saying goodbye, seasons change and so do I.”

Flaws of Attraction drops this Tuesday – May 15 – and as a bonus, Nuic will be at the Drake for a free show that night to celebrate its release. Come on out, pick up the album, and experience an incredible powerhouse of vocal talent.


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