HotKid – Courage to Fight

Band: HotKid
EP: Courage to Fight

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

Toronto duo HotKid is Shiloh Harrison (vocals, guitar) and Rob Butcher III (drums). If you are from the city, he has likely sold you countless records at Sonic Boom. No stranger to the local music scene, their latest EP Courage to Fight, produced by Juno Award winner Adam King, was released last month at the Garrison. While we weren’t able to attend, that hasn’t stopped me from hitting repeat on this recording again and again since its release. Stripped of all things pretentious, it is nothing but unadulterated pure garage rock at its finest. There is also just something about Harrison’s fuzzed out yet fierce vocals that just makes them irresistible.

Starting strong, “Blind to It” has some massive psychedelic undertones layered within their garage rock sound. It is also the song on which Butcher really shines on drums. Second song “One More (C’mon C’mon)” has a darker edge to its heavily laden fuzz. There is a moment towards the end of the song – at about 2:47 – when Harrison really starts belting. Her stirring and powerful shriek has the ability to make your arm hair stand on end. Title track “Courage to Fight” is filled with a steady drum beat and some pretty serious wailing of the guitar. Finally, there is an intense rawness to fourth and final track, “Begin Again” – lyrically, vocally, and musically. With all too relatable lyrics about trying to save a relationship that are sung in Harrison’s punk rock-tinged voice, it just might be my favourite track of the EP.

At only 4 songs, Courage to Fight is over much too quickly. Luckily it is the first in a series of EPs set to be released over the next several months before the band’s full-length LP drops in the Fall – so there is plenty more HotKid coming your way in the near future. Until then, Courage to Fight can be streamed or purchased digitally on their Bandcamp and physical copies can be picked up at the band’s next show. Also keep your eyes peeled for a “Courage to Fight” video coming soon!


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