Yukon Blonde – Tiger Talk

Band: Yukon Blonde
Album: Tiger Talk

When Yukon Blonde released their self-titled full-length debut in 2010, I was caught off guard. The band had already been making waves out West with an EP (Everything in Everyway) and even before that as Alphababy, but it wasn’t until their full-length that I was aware of their sound that paid homage to the 60s. However, what impressed me most of all was their ability to bring their sound to life live. The record felt like a mellower affair, and even the more upbeat songs still had an easy feeling to them, but every hook, every beat was made into something special on stage. Tiger Talk accomplishes something that many bands strive to do but can’t – replicate their live sound on record.

Starting off with the catchy “My Girl”, as well as with “Stairway”, the first single for which they released a video, I quickly realized that this record has a different sound from their previous material, much more in favour of the late 70s/early 80s. However, all of the elements that made their self-titled such a great album are still present. Frontman Jeffrey Innes’ vocals are still magnetic, combined with great harmonies from Brandon Scott (guitar) and Graham Jones (drums). But most of all, there’s this quality that makes their songs impossible to not sing along to.

“Oregon Shores” holds up as one of my favourites from the record, with some serious wailing on the guitar, but it’s not too different from their previous work. However, the arrangements show maturity in their songwriting. Notably, “For LA” gives the feeling that Tiger Talk is the perfect summer album, as Innes begs, “Please take me to the sunshine, please take me somewhere warm.” The timing of the release is perfect, as the temperature starts to get warm and sunshine is on its way. The album ends with “Guns” and “Sweet Dee” and there’s an aching in Innes’ voice that really speaks to the growth of this band.

It’s been streaming online and those that pre-ordered already have the digital, but Tiger Talk is officially out tomorrow, March 20th. Overall, this album boasts a more amped up sound, sounding fuller while still holding onto qualities that made their self-titled debut full-length so strong. Tiger Talk simply brings hook-laden pop rock to another level. Yukon Blonde seems to just get better with time and I can only imagine what these new songs will sound like in their already energetic live show. Torontonians have a chance to see this Vancouver-based 4-piece at Lee’s Palace on April 12th or 13th. With two chances to see Yukon Blonde, you really have no excuse to miss ‘em as they roll into town.


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