Lovely Killbots – Once Smitten

Band: Lovely Killbots
Album: Once Smitten
Shot of choice: Jack Daniels

Lovely Killbots are set to release Once Smitten, a follow up to 2008’s Primrose Lane. The electro dance duo is made up of Lauralee Love (vocals, keys) and Ryan Beattie (drums, vocals), and what a killer duo they make. Lauralee’s vocals immediately grab the listener’s attention, but it is the melodic keys and intricate beats that really drive the sound.

Once Smitten starts with “Must Be Machine,” a song that is filled with electronic fuzz and is a perfect introduction to album. The album is dancey, yet really quite moody, which shouldn’t be too surprising, given the band’s name. Lovely Killbots seems to imply upbeat, happy sounds combined with much more gritty, rough sounds. It is a combination that the duo seems to have grasped quite well with Once Smitten.

If there’s something that Lovely Killbots particularly excel at, it’s thinking up creative and appropriate song titles, not to mention the fitting album title. Listening to “Boys on Buses,” as Lauralee sings “I fall in love as frequently as I change my shirt,” I am reminded of a younger self (or perhaps not even younger) – a little boy crazy and prone to making those stupid mistakes. As a song about being smitten, this song aligns perfectly with the album title. “Performance Enhancing Hugs” and “Romangst” are also fantastic song titles, with the latter being particularly appropriate given the angst within an overall upbeat feel. “It’s Fun to be Grumpy” is likely my favourite on the album. Right in the middle of the album, it’s a little anthemic and is likely the danciest track on the album.

Lovely KillbotsOnce Smitten will be officially released on May 6th at Sneaky Dee’s. If you’re looking to dance, the whole bill will call for it, so expect it to be a fun night.


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