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Lovely Killbots – Once Smitten

Band: Lovely Killbots Album: Once Smitten Shot of choice: Jack Daniels Lovely Killbots are set to release Once Smitten, a follow up to 2008’s Primrose Lane. The electro dance duo is made up of Lauralee Love (vocals, keys) and Ryan Beattie (drums, vocals), and what a killer duo they make. Lauralee’s vocals immediately grab the […]

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TWM + CMF @ Rancho Relaxo

Two Way Monologues should be familiar to most of Toronto. If you’ve been to a show at Rancho Relaxo in the last while, it was probably run by Two Way Monologues and, more specifically, booked by Dan Wolovick. Two Way Monologues is also a music website with a handful of fine folks working behind it. […]

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Buying Shots for Lovely Killbots and TWM Packs Sneaky Dee’s

Date of show: September 10, 2010 Shot of choice: Jack Daniels Lovely Killbots play dance rock that sounds much bigger than their two-person band, made up of Lauralee Sheehan (keys) and Ryan Beattie (drums). They closed out the night to a still-crowded Sneaky Dee’s. There was a good-sized crowd up front and dancing away. Lauralee […]

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