Thought Beneath Film – Marsupials

Band: Thought Beneath Film
EP: Marsupials
Shot of choice: Jager

Thought Beneath Film is a 4-piece indie rock band based out of a small town outside of Hamilton and their name pays homage to a poem by Emily Dickinson The band is comprised of brothers Brent Wirth (vocals, guitar) and Brian Wirth (guitar), along with Andrew McDermid (bass, vocals) and Paul Ciancone (drums). These guys are set to release their debut EP Marsupials, which was produced by Jon Drew, and it’s a solid release packed with zest and youthful energy.

Thought Beneath Film has put together quite a fun and catchy EP, really playing up on their pop sensibilities. “Maybe I’m A Chump” is loud, driven by hard-hitting drums, and highlighted by some catchy riffs and quick tambourine work that are heard throughout the EP. The pace changes a little with “Hearts On Overdrive,” as it’s a little more melodic, and the vocals become more of the focus. On “Sixty-Six” there is more of that in-you-face power pop, with “Magnet” ending the EP with some stand-out drum work, featuring some falsetto vocals as they’re really pushing themselves to test their sound. With time, I think these guys can push themselves more to capture a sound that is all their own. I look forward to seeing how these guys develop. Overall, the collection of songs is promising and the production quality is certainly excellent for a debut EP.


Categories: Recorded


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