The Box Tiger – s/t

Band: The Box Tiger
EP: The Box Tiger
Shot of choice: Vodka

As soon as The Box Tiger hits you with “Faceless,” their first track off their self-titled EP, strong and commanding vocals from Sonia Sturino (lead vocals, guitar) are apparent. In fact, I can’t help but notice similarities in her vocals with that of Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine), and that is most certainly a compliment. It speaks to level of confidence and sheer power behind her voice. The rest of The Box Tiger is made up of Glenn Tavas (lead guitar, vocals), Jesse Horvath (drums) and Massimo Decaro (bass). Once you’re able to get over the powerhouse of a frontwoman, hard-hitting drums, textured guitar and bass and even handclaps during “The Ballad of My Bones” make this 4-piece one to look out for.

Their self-titled is only 4 songs (not including a bonus track), but with it they pack a lot of energy into approximately 17 minutes of indie rock with strong pop sensibilities. “Faceless” offers a chorus that is most certainly radio-friendly, as it’s catchy and manages to sound familiar yet unique. All 4 songs offer passionate vocals, particularly “Feel It,” which seems appropriate given the title. I find that booming drums are constant in their sound, but that is not to discount the talent behind guitar and bass, particular noticeable during “Comes and Goes.” Overall, it’s a solid recording effort, something that few bands can accomplish with only about a year of life.

I think what I find particularly impressive is the do-it-yourself attitude of the band, with Sturino co-founding their record label Nice Friends with Jordan Stowell (In the Audience) that operates out of Vaughan, Ontario and Portland, Maine. The Box Tiger may be relatively new on the scene, but they show a lot of promise… and talent. Look out for more from this Vaughan/Toronto band. Pay attention because otherwise they might just catch you off guard and blow you away.


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