PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) – Royalty

Band: PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots)
EP: Royalty
Shot of choice: I like creative answers. When I asked Mike what the band’s shot of choice is, he sent me this link.

PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) is a rock band from Toronto with members Luxury Pete (guitar), Mike Tom Warne (keys), Brodie Bocelli (lead vocals), Wild Wild Westberg (bass), Rawdog Davey (drums). This year they released their debut EP Royalty. The overall sound of this EP is quite raw, particularly with their group chant-like vocals. This is not a hindrance, though, as it seems to add character and brings an almost live show element to the recording.

Opening up with country rock-like “Friends Don’t Let Friends Move In With Girlfriends,” the guys set the tone for the rest of the EP, but they really hit you with it on “Asshole Pandemic.” It is an anthem-like cheeky pop rock tune. It’s a little crude and immature with lyrics like, “Why’s this fucking dick gotta be such a cock?” but it’s actually part of the charm. In fact, PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) makes it pretty impossible to not sing along. “Stop Calling Us, Chief” is an excellent way to end the EP, with lyrics that are catchy and it really just explodes with in-your-face rock.

Although I don’t think the guys are striving for musical brilliance, this is likely one of the most fun recordings I have ever heard. It’s 6 short songs (some shorter than others) jam-packed with sass, sing-a-longs, and is sometimes a little Weezer-esque. I could listen to this EP over and over and still be amused.

Listening to this EP, I can imagine these guys having a lot of fun on stage and making the crowd sing and dance along. Get yourself to a PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) show and, for eff’s sake, buy these guys shots! (I had to take a slightly toned down cue from all the cursing on the album.)


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