Teenage Kicks – Shook Our Bones

Band: Teenage Kicks
7″: Shook Our Bones
Shot of choice: tequila (except Peter, who apparently likes polar bear)

So I’ve wanted to tell everyone about this 7” since, well, since I first heard it. Honestly, I was completely caught off guard. Having heard some of Ulysses and the Siren and Cain and Abel, I actually wondered if I was listening to the right band. Perhaps it is the experience of having been in many different bands and the need to sort of reinvent a sound, but there is such maturity in the voice of Peter van Helvoort (vocals, guitar). The rest of Teenage Kicks include Peter’s brother, Jeff van Helvoort (bass, vocals), Patrick Marchent (guitar), and Cameron Brunt (drums). If you’re wondering what a Toronto-based modern-day ‘60s classic rock and roll band might sound like, Teenage KicksShook Our Bones 7” is sure to settle this curiosity.

Side A, “Shook Our Bones”, is just so darn catchy, melding the classic rock sound with catchy pop so well. Side B, “I Get What You Give,” is almost anthem-like, with blue collar-type lyrics chanting, “Good things come to those who wait, good things come to those who wait on tables.” With heavy arena-sized riffs, hard-hitting drums, and harmonies from the brothers, both tunes on this 7” are impressive.

Their Shook Our Bones 7″ is currently available for free download from JUICEBOXdotcom.com. If you want a taste of more of their stuff, they did a couple acoustic songs with southern souls that you can see on their MySpace. We had wanted to attend their 7” release party on August 20th, but we had a previous engagement, so we’re looking forward to catching them soon. I really do want to see these guys rock out live! Check them out and be sure to buy them a shot!

Hey Teenage Kicks, “maybe it won’t be long till they all sing your songs”.
(Yes, I am that cheesy.)

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