Sunfields’ Toronto Album Release Show at Rancho Relaxo

Sunfields @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10

Date of show: August 21, 2010

“I can’t believe how fucking hot it is,” remarked Sunfields frontman Jason Kent. Indeed, it was a sweatbox at Rancho Relaxo by the time Sunfields hit the stage after midnight after The Blooming Rosebuds and Lordy Lordy [More on Lordy Lordy‘s set can be found here.] Sunfields, a Montreal-based indie band, is made up of Jason Kent (vocals, guitar, keys), Phil Burns (keys, guitar, vocals), Chris Wise (bass) and Chris Roberts (drums). Three of the members have been a part of other known projects, the most notable being Kent’s stint with The Dears.

Sunfields started off their set with Kent on keys and harmonies from Burns and Roberts. It was a beautiful introduction and set the tone for a relatively melancholy set. Although at times a little bit of the influence of The Dears can be heard, there is also certainly down-home alt-country feel to their sound somewhat reminiscent of The Band and a sense of earnest in their sound akin to Neil Young. Despite the various comparisons, Sunfields add their own psychedelic folk rock sound to the mix. Their set went through waves of light and breezy and melancholy, but what always stood out were Kent’s beautiful vocals.

This was the night of their Toronto album release and usually release parties are high energy, but it was not the case on this night. The low point was when, at the end of their set, Kent brought up a certain review of their new album Palace in the Sun, which resulted in the remark that Toronto has yet to appreciate Montreal’s music (or something along those lines). One can hardly blame that thought, though, as the crowd slowly dwindled throughout their set. The guys ended up making light of it. The band managed to add at the end, “We’re all single.” Ladies, take your pick. Well, first buy them a shot and then take your pick. 😉

Sunfields @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10 Sunfields @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10 Sunfields @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10 Sunfields @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10 Sunfields @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10

The Blooming Rosebuds

The Blooming Rosebuds started off the night at Rancho Relaxo. They played as a 3-piece, although typically a 4-piece, and they brought their own lo-fi style to the stage. With splashes of Pavement, The Blooming Rosebuds were a good fit to kick off the night. They played a vigorous set to a small crowd, as the place didn’t pick up until the tail end of their set.

I think what stands out most to me is the cheeky sense of identity The Blooming Rosebuds bring to their representation of themselves. Members are Creepin’ Charlie Rosebud (vocals, bass, guitar, drums), Jack in the Pulpit Rosebud III (vocals, bass, guitar), Joe Pye Rosebud (vocals, guitar, drums, bass) and Foxtail Lily Rosebud (vocals, drums, bass, guitar), who was the Rosebud not present. I actually sincerely recommend you take a gander at their MySpace to check out their (supposed) story.

We’re curious about hearing more from The Blooming Rosebuds, which is currently based out of Toronto. Their alternative/lo-fi sound is fun and energetic and worth checking out.

The Blooming Rosebuds @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10 The Blooming Rosebuds @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10 The Blooming Rosebuds @ Rancho Relaxo, 21-08-10

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