White Ash Falls – Over the Night

White Ash Falls

Band: White Ash Falls
Album: Over the Night

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

Over the Night is Vancouver musician Andy Bishop’s second album under the White Ash Falls moniker. Having previously played a supporting role with BC bands Yukon Blonde and Twin River, Bishop has found his rightful home in this solo endeavour. From first listen, it is clear that Bishop has dark-hearted country in his bones that is allowed full control of this album.

Extensively exquisite instrumental arrangements and the hum of percussion at times take centre stage, and at others, fall into a supporting role to Bishop’s soulful country-twanged croons. The album also offers a dazzling array of different voices from talented friends such as Louise Burns, Rah Rah’s Erin Passmore and Yukon Blonde’s Jeffrey Innes, Graham Jones, and Brandon Scott who join Bishop on various tracks.

While much of the album is centered around more of a modern take on alt-country similar to Oshawa’s Cuff the Duke, second track “Running Scared” dabbles heartily in the essence of classic folk-rock, with whispers of Neil Young coming through Bishop’s softer warble. The frolicking organ on “That List is Too Long” and swelling choral vocals on the ambiently spacey “I Have Been Received” provide each with a country-gospel tone, though in very distinct ways. The combination of such elements with Bishop’s vocals is one that desperately needs to be heard. The standout track for me however remains as “Tonight I’ll Be Here With You.” Situated between two lighter-hearted easy-breezy country tunes, the contrasting stark simplicity of the guitar and quivering strains of pedal steel hauntingly linger in your head long after “Tonight” switches to the next track.

Like your coziest well-worn quilt, Over the Night complements the falling leaves and sharp chill of November air. Cuddle up with a hot beverage and let the record spin late into the night.


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