Mad Ones – Burning Window

Mad Ones - Burning Window

EP: Burning Window

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

Toronto’s garage rock duo MAD ONES is comprised of Andrew DeVillers (vocals, guitar) and Phil Wilson (drums). Joining forces after the demise of The Exchanges (DeVillers) and Clothes Make the Man (Wilson), they’ve quickly become known for their loud and energetic live shows in the two years of their existence.

Their latest five song EP Burning Window is a follow up to 2011’s full-length album Behaviour. Opening track “Face of Love” is the lightest of the five, with dare I say, a surprising bit of a sunny pop edge – it is actually catchy as hell, especially with the frenzied drum beat Wilson throws in midway through. “Miracle Intention” picks it up with a much more frenetic pace. The duo pull out all the punches for its two minute duration, with some slaying guitar riffs and DeVillers’ gruff vocals in full force. I can’t wait to headbang to this one live.

While the band then settles comfortably in to a more even tempo for the last three songs, that sense of grit and determination is still maintained. The last songs share a similar crunchy distortion and heady psychedelic haze, but “Light of Age” emerges as the strongest of the three. There’s something about the way DeVillers voice seems to swiftly emerge out of the wailing wailing guitar and crashing drums on this one that really grabbed me. It’s a great combination of straight up rock and dirtier grunge.

Listening to the EP, you feel as if you could be right there on the floor of a sweaty garage or bar watching them. Alan Cross commented at last year’s Polaris Prize gala that Canada is ripe with talented duos, and MAD ONES are yet another example of just how true this statement is. The two men prove that there is no need for a bass player or multiple guitars. They are just about as loud as two people can be without the aid of additional instruments. Possessing a certain level of ferocity, they are at times quite reminiscent of Japandroids unbridled attack. The celebration of rock is set to continue into 2013 with MAD ONESBurning Window.

To celebrate the EP’s release, MAD ONES will be at The Horseshoe on Friday February 1 with an unbeatable lineup that includes The Beverlys, The Archives, and The Dirty Nil. Check out their new video for “Miracle Intention” before heading over!


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