Morgan Cameron Ross – College & Bathurst

Morgan Cameron Ross - College & Bathurst

Artist: Morgan Cameron Ross
EP: College & Bathurst

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

Toronto’s Morgan Cameron Ross has a voice that will break your heart. And the words to turn the knife. Named after the near-famous Toronto street corner that houses Sneaky Dee’s, the Birds of Wales frontman’s new solo EP College & Bathurst chronicles an emotional break-up. Following his 2011 self-titled folk-pop release, it captures the sentiment of a broken heart without dipping into overly sentimental or depressingly morose territory. It’s just real. The most interesting aspect of the EP though is that the sad lyrics are juxtaposed against airy and upbeat sounding melodies. Because of this, you are able to come away from the EP feeling what Ross is feeling but without necessarily ending up down in the dumps.

First song “Let’s Start All Over Again” comes in with a heavy feeling and soulful piano that soon blossoms into a whimsical melody that hides the sad longing behind the lyrics. Engaging and sing along-worthy, it earns bonus points for referencing neighbourhood landmarks Bathurst Street and drinking at Sneaky Dee’s. While this one hits close to home due to shared neighbourhood references, next song “Giving Up On You” got under my skin due to the shared experiences it gives a voice to – finally giving up and walking away from a person. I’ve never heard a song that manages to make this decision sound so merry.

Unlike the first two tracks, “We Got It Good” combines happier lyrics with sadder instrumentals. Gone are the folky acoustic guitars, replaced rather with a shadowed electro-pop backing track that could easily be an Imogen Heap or Postal Service song. Similarly, “Cannot Break A Broken Heart” unexpectedly features Galen Hogg of Nixon. The track starts innocently enough, until partway through it dissolves into a hip hop-esque breakdown with Hogg’s vocals. It’s a pairing one might not expect would work, but it really does. Returning to the acoustic folk feel, the EP ends with the stripped down “Our Love.” Having the happiest “in love” track with the lyrics “Our love will live forever” ending what has been dubbed a “break-up EP” may seem slightly odd but the sweet simplicity of it quickly wins your heart.

Various bundles are available for purchase on Ross’ website, or you can download the EP via iTunes.


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