Waterbodies – The Evil We Know

Waterbodies - The Evil We Know

Band: Waterbodies
Album: The Evil We Know

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

There must be something in the water over in the Niagara Region (and I’m not talking about the pollution of Lake Ontario). Comprised of Mike McGean (vocals, guitar), Dylan Turner (guitar, keys), Roxy Fast (bass) and Shane Turner (drums), WaterbodiesThe Evil We Know is the latest in a string of strong releases to come out of Niagara this year. The band’s version of heavy yet ambient alt-rock is encapsulated in the carefully orchestrated experimental arrangements on this album.

The album tends to circulate around themes of relationships gone awry. Opener “How To Burn Bridges” is an assault of pummelling aggression. While you can easily lose yourself in the intense instrumentation of tracks like “A Glasgow Kiss” and “Your Better Judgement on Mute” without paying particular attention to the words, there is a lyricism there that is both angry and reflective. Unlike some heavier releases, this one forces you to feel. The words behind “Deadweight” and “Like Sinking” really struck a chord with me, bringing up thoughts of a person you thought you needed at one point, but all they actually do is pull you under. As McGean bellows out lines like “I don’t feel like sinking” and “I don’t need you to feel complete,” in the end you have to cut them loose to stay afloat.

The album takes a turn for the more melodic on the last three songs. “Borgata” is still gripping but also almost downright catchy. If you’re curious, the title is derived from the Italian for “village” and is defined as “a branch of the mafia.” I’m still undecided how this bit of newfound knowledge colours my thoughts of this track. A spoken voice intro leads into final song “Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea.” The song depicts a softer side to McGean’s vocals that then plunge you into the icy depths before it finally drifts off calmly, almost as if the speaker is finally at peace. The water can be tumultuous and thrashing, but also calm and reflective; the same goes for this album. The effects on the keys at times even gives you the feeling of being under water.

The Evil We Know is available for purchase through iTunes or Bandcamp. Waterbodies recommends you call in sick and devote the day to listening to the album. While I’m not advocating for playing hooky, you may not be able to turn this one off once you get into it. The band will be in Toronto on January 10th at The Horseshoe.


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