Tim Chaisson – The Other Side

Artist: Tim Chaisson
Album: The Other Side

Charming east-coast crooner, Tim Chaisson is back with his fifth studio album, The Other Side. While his last release Broken Hearted Beat (2009) was backed by his band Morning Fold and had a fuller, more upbeat sound, The Other Side is stripped down, intimate and personal. There is a simple maturity on this record that could easily play as a soundtrack to a tragic romance film – with Chaisson continually having his heart pummeled by love.

Album opener “Beat This Heart” is a poppy toe-tapper. Featuring songstress Serena Ryder, their voices together are a light caress to the ears, bringing the warmth of an Autumn romance to this brisk September air. You’d have no idea of the sadness soon to come as the tempo of the album slows and it shifts to the next few tracks.

There is a despondent realness to the lyrics on “Come Clean,” as Chaisson lays it all out in the open, saying the words we are often too scared to admit: “I miss you so much, it’s killing me.” Anyone who has ever experienced the struggle of being in a long-distance relationship (or one that just isn’t working) can relate to the gnawing feeling of constantly being on the cusp of letting go or going all in that is exemplified through the lyrics of “The Other Side,” “Wherever You Are” and “The Healing.” There is such a beauty in his breakdown, with Chaisson often backed simply with his acoustic guitar, that one can’t help but be moved.

But (luckily) the album is not all sadness. With the help of some piano, “Bail You Out” is a massively uplifting track, possessing an almost anthemic feel to it despite its overall simplicity. Cranking the volume on this one is a sure-fire way to build you up when having a bad day. This is also the song most likely to inspire some – potentially unintentional – belting along. Breaking out the fiddle for “Speak Easier,” Chaisson gets down to his Maritime folk roots and the result is a song I can’t wait to see live.

While the album doesn’t necessarily end on a happy note, the last three ballads offer a glimmer of hope. On “Long Road Of Love,” Chaisson demonstrates that chivalry isn’t quite dead yet. He leaves all of us jaded folk with the sense that despite all of the hardships involved, having that chance at real love is ultimately worth it. And that’s a pretty great accomplishment.

Out on September 25, Chaisson will be performing at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto to celebrate its release. Always bringing the feeling of an East Coast kitchen party to his shows, this is the perfect venue for him and a show you won’t want to miss – be warned that it’s an early one! Full tour dates can be found on his website.


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