The Canadian Shield – Songs for the Dead in Love

Band: The Canadian Shield
EP: Songs for the Dead in Love

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

The Canadian Shield is Doug Gorrie (guitar, vocals) and Mike Bone (drums, vocals), two Northern Ontario natives now residing in Toronto. True to their name, The Canadian Shield play unpretentious, rugged and anthemic Canadian rock and roll. Similar in vein to Matt Mays, there is also a little bit of (non-Canadian) Springsteen influences in there. Untrue to the title of their new EP Songs for the Dead in Love, however, here is nothing remotely “dead” about any of these songs. But that’s a good thing. Because what they really are is fun – in large part because listening to this EP, you get a sense that these two men are just having such a fun time doing what they are doing.

On the 7-song EP, the mighty duo has a much fuller sound that one would expect possible from just two individuals. Although, they do receive some help on gang vocals from their friends in fellow local band Wildlife. EP opener “Oh My Soul,” with its foot-stomping, kick-up-your-heels raucous rock and roll, grabbed me right away. There’s an almost drunken exuberance in the group vocals that explode towards the end and feed right into next song “Out of My Hands.” This one hooks you in with its sing-along worthy chorus that is just so darn catchy. “Bones On The Ground” and “Wings” are two of the more grittier songs on the EP. In these ones, the guitar is dirtier and Gorrie’s vocals have a twinge of anger to them. Last song “66 Spadina” brings the EP back to the light-heartedness found in its first half. While it starts off slow and serene, it then builds into some very spirited Wildlife-esque “whoa-oh’s” to close out. Don’t be surprised if you hit repeat on this one more than a couple of times.

The EP was released at the end of July, and word has it that the duo packed the Horseshoe for their release party. It can be streamed or purchased over on their Bandcamp. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are from up North, but SFTDIL feels like a really great record to take us from the end of summer into fall. Next up for the band is an opening slot for Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires on September 13 at the Silver Dollar. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these songs translate live – and if anyone will end up on stage to help them out!


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