Stella Ella Ola – s/t

Band: Stella Ella Ola
EP: Stella Ella Ola

Written by: Chiara DiAngelo

Sometimes four friends come together and create musical magic together. That’s exactly what happened for new Toronto band, Stella Ella Ola. In this case, it likely also didn’t hurt that the four friends in question are seasoned musicians Nick and Jake Boyd (Hollerado), Anne Douris and Vince Rice (Atom Division).

Named after the classic childhood clapping game and offering retro lo-fi surf-garage-pop, Stella Ella Ola’s self-titled EP brings about memories of simpler times: when songs were short, pure, and lyrics humorous. Think classic 50’s/60’s summer tunes a la The Beach Boys, just less polished and recorded in a garage. This EP works in every single way and is sure to be the soundtrack to many a summer BBQ, cross-country roadtrip, and sung along to at bonfires, etc.

From the opening “Lalalalalalalalala” of “Little Black Rope,” I was reeled right in. It’s one of the most immediately infectious songs I’ve heard in a long time, and this feeling remains through until the end of the EP. The token female in the group, Douris takes lead vocals on second song “Peter Sellers.” More than holding her own, she just might steal the show with this one. “New Year Song” is more down-tempo than the rest, but still just as catchy. Starting with a surfy intro, final track “Proud Mother Stomp” is just that: stomping. With a country twang to both the guitar and vocals, there isn’t really any other way to adequately describe this song.

With all songs clocking in around 2:30, the entire 4-song EP lasts only about 10 minutes – which just means you can put it on repeat and listen to it in full 6 times in one hour. Go ahead and do it. I know I have.

Having formed mere months ago on New Year’s, the band recorded their EP live-and-off-the-floor with Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club and just released it to the interweb a couple of weeks ago. It’s up for free download over at their Bandcamp. They are already creating some feverish buzz both in the city and online – and they have yet to even play a show! Their first one is set for this Saturday, May 26, at Cinecycle. Joined by local pals Dangerband and Graham Wright, as well as super special guest DJs Dean Baxter (Hollerado) and Raina Douris (Rain’s World), it’s definitely where you’ll want to be. Or you can just go ahead and “blow blow blow your dirty nose.”


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