Royal Canoe – Extended Play

Band: Royal Canoe
EP: Extended Play

Winnipeg possesses one of Canada’s big secrets: Royal Canoe. Since the debut release of CO OP Mode in 2010, Matt Peters (vocals, keys, guitar) has assembled a group of musicians to play a more permanent role. Peters is joined by Bucky Driedger (guitar, vocals), Matt Schellenberg (keys, vocals), Brendan Berg (bass, keys, vocals), Derek Allard (drums) and Michael Jordan (electronic drums). With these key pieces in place, their sound has quickly developed into unpredictability and innovation that catch the listener off guard.

The EP begins with “Hold on to the Metal”, which is by far the best track on the 4-song EP. This song exemplifies pop music at its finest, with unconventional sounds that carry an upbeat almost summery feel that is irresistibly catchy. The band layers over the intricate beats in ways that make it so no song sounds the same the whole way through. With “Bathtubs”, the longest song on the EP at just over 6 minutes, the complexion of the song changes a few times, but that groovy beat remains the same.

Vocal effects make an appearance toward the end of “Bathtubs” but this tool is prominently featured on “Bloodrush”. While the song is mellower compared to the rest of the EP, the song is also perhaps their quirkiest, really showcasing their creative nature. “Caught in a Loop” brings back some of that summery feel from “Hold on to the Metal” and it is Schellenberg’s vocals that really are caught in a loop.

Extended Play was released on February 21st as a preview for the band’s forthcoming full-length. Royal Canoe had introduced a couple other tracks last year and with 4 more great songs added to the bunch, the album sounds promising. For an inside look into the making of the EP and the album, Royal Canoe teamed up with Nice Productions to document the process. If you want to be in on the secret with the rest of Winnipeg, check out their YouTube channel.

Royal Canoe will also be in Toronto for Canadian Music Week. Look for them then!


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