The Darcys – s/t

Band: The Darcys
Album: The Darcys
Shot of choice: Jameson

A couple years in the making, The Darcys are finally releasing their sophomore album, a self-titled record which acts as more of a debut for the current formation of the band as a 4-piece, as well as a fresher sound. This Toronto-based band is comprised of Jason Couse (vocals, piano, guitar), Mike le Riche (guitar, vocals), Dave Hurlow (bass) and Wes Marskell (drums). Overall, the album finds a compromise between melody and distortion, with the rhythm section as the foundation for the sound, which allows the noisy guitars and passionate vocals to compete for the listener’s attention.

While The Darcys have played most of this album live, hearing the songs recorded is a whole new experience, full of intricacies that may take a few listens to pick up. Even the previously released songs on their 7”, “House Built Around Your Voice” and “Edmonton to Purgatory”, have been given facelifts with new mixes.

Immediately with the album opener, “100 Mile House”, it is evident that Couse’s voice is as passionate recorded as it is live. When Marskell introduces the snare, The Darcys gain my full attention, which only builds throughout this 40-minute affair. Perhaps the best example of the energy fuelling this record is on “Don’t Bleed Me”, as the distortion from the guitars and intense drumming, with crashing symbols, highlights Couse’s vocals.

“Shaking Down the Old Bones” has always been a personal favourite to hear live and it sounds exponentially better recorded. In addition to attention-grabbing lyrics (“Right heart, wrong time”, “Stop thinking like a millionaire”), there is a mesmerizing steady beat from Marskell leading up to le Riche’s even more captivating guitar work that makes this song stand out, which easily explains the choice to make this song the first single.

As the album winds down with “I Will Be The Light”, Couse’s vocals are not perfect, but perhaps it’s the imperfections that are heard in fits of feverish passion that make his vocals exceptionally interesting and powerful. The record has a moody feel to it until the final song of the album, “When I Am New Again”. As the title of the song may suggest, it’s a fitting end to this album and the journey to its completion.

While this record, 4 years since their debut, was certainly a challenge for the band to complete, it’s been worth the wait. The Darcys has been released today, October 25th, via Arts & Crafts and you can download it for FREE. Stay tuned because The Darcys are planning a couple more releases to follow.


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