LOOM – Single

Artist: LOOM
Single: Intro/Around Again (Island Mix)

LOOM is the musical moniker of Brooke Manning. LOOM has released a digital 45 single via Nevado Records as a preview to a forthcoming full-length. The digital 45, which consists of 2 songs, runs just short of 12 minutes. Manning’s ethereal voice really shapes LOOM’s sound, as Manning takes a minimalist approach to the instrumentation.

“Intro” is 7 and a half minutes of simplicity with sounds that remind me of the ocean. As Manning sings, “I never told you that I loved you,” it feels as though she is exposing herself. Lyrically, the song feels almost like a lyrical diary. As the dog barks in the background, it’s evident there’s nothing traditional about how this music takes shape. “Around Again (Island Mix)” is a hauntingly beautiful tune with the sole electric guitar shaping the mood of the song. Although there’s quite a bit of repetition, the songs never feel as though they drag on. Manning has the ability to hang onto the listener’s attention with the intimacy in her songwriting.

LOOM will be at The Rivoli on June 15th for the Nevado Records Showcase at The Rivoli. Be sure to check her out then and look out for more as she gets closer and closer to releasing that full-length.


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