Chris Velan – Fables for Fighters

Artist: Chris Velan
Album: Fables for Fighters

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Chris Velan is releasing his fourth full-length, Fables for Fighters. Velan’s history and path to his musical career is a unique one. After studying law and passing the bar, Velan worked on a documentary featuring Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. Though the music does not specifically focus on these experiences, it is clear that this is a man with a story to tell, with life experiences colouring his music.

Fables for Fighters starts off full of life, highlighted by harmonies, handclaps and Velan on ukelele on “Any Number of Ways.” There are fewer hints of Velan’s world music influences than with some of his previous work, but there are occasional tip-offs, such as the drums in “You Don’t Know What You’re Asking Of Me.” There are also unique moments, such as the vocal effects on “You’re On Your Own Now.” Velan’s sound is sometimes reminiscent of Phil Collins or James Taylor, sometimes a combination of both, but he also finds a way to bring in a refreshing sound not unlike Jack Johnson.

Throughout 11 songs that make up the album, there is a feeling genuineness accompanied by heartfelt lyricism. Although there aren’t any standout songs that really blow the listener away, the album is one that can be appreciated front to back, perhaps while relaxing with a glass of wine and a loved one.

Although available digitally since February, Fables for Fighters has been officially released today, April 19th via NewSong Recordings. Velan will be playing May 12th at The Rivoli and this video should give you a good idea of what to expect live. It’s an older video, but this immediately had my attention and it should tide you over until the show.


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