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Band: Figurines
Album: Figurines

Denmark’s Figurines have released their fourth full-length album, the first since 2007’s When The Deer Wore Blue. Although the album does not stray far in sound from their previous work, Figurines breathes a new life. In fact, the band had almost completely called it quits after losing 2 members. Fortunately, the remaining three members decided to write and record again. The result is an album entirely self-recorded and self-produced, an album that is all theirs, earning the title as simply Figurines. Carrying a sense of triumph that can be heard in the music, frontman Christian Hjelm’s vocals soar to new heights with fervour in his delivery. Joining Hjelm in the now-3-piece Figurines are Claus Salling Johansen and Jens Ramon.

Overall, the album is playful, giving off a sense of whimsy throughout the 11 songs. The album opens with “Hanging From Above,” immediately engaging the listener with tribal drums and Hjelm’s voice draws you in. “The Great Unknown” and “New Colors,” the first single of the album, continue this sense of life, joyfulness that colours much of the album. Songs like “Free Today,” “Poughkeepsie” and “Lucky To Love” encourage the listener to sing along. Then there are songs like “We Got Away” and “Call Your Name” that are slower in tempo, giving an impression of Hjelm exposing himself in the lyrics, creating a sense of intimacy. The album ends with “Unable to Drift,” an almost ominous sounding song in its arrangements and a bit of curious end to a mostly upbeat album.

While the album is their first as a 3-piece, the band manages to sound tighter, even with their detailed arrangements. Colouring the album while remaining behind washes of guitar are keys/synths that pair so well against Hjelm’s fervent vocals. This new sense of ownership and pride makes the album refreshing, while there is certainly a sense of mature musicality that really makes this album quite a gem.

Figurines has been released today, April 12, 2011, via The Control Group.


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