Matthew Maaskant – Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place

Artist: Matthew Maaskant
Album: Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place

Matthew Maaskant is a true artist, dipping his toes in both photography and music. With recording/production work under his belt, it’s not surprising that Maaskant’s debut album Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place sounds like an album Maaskant has been working towards for his whole life. His combination of folk and electronic music, or “folktronica,” as he has called it, is soothing, yet full of layers and an aura of intrigue. Although this is a solo album, Maaskant has enlisted a great roster of musicians to help create texture, breathing life into the album.

While, overall, Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place is incredibly mellow, there are songs like “Atlas” that are more synth-driven than the slower folk that really colours the album. The contrasts really show Maaskant’s musicianship and his ability to create an album that weaves through certain emotions. Even with slower songs, such as “You Only Dream To Test Me,” there is a certain dynamic with the instrumentation that makes the song rather moving. “Fall To Pieces” is drenched in breathtaking harmonies that draw the listener in, enveloping the listener. In 11 songs, Maaskant has made quite an impressionable debut that’s worth exploring, or, at the very least, a listen when one wants to completely mellow out.

Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place will be released proper at The Rivoli on April 15th. It will be a double-CD release show with Dryer and I expect it to be fantastic night. Go ahead and buy the fella shots.


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