Shotgun Jimmie – Transistor Sister

Artist: Shotgun Jimmie
Album: Transistor Sistor

Sackville native Shotgun Jimmie, whose claim to fame is with Shotgun & Jaybird, is set to release his third solo album, Transistor Sister. The album was recorded at The Confidence Lodge with Diego Medina and features collaborations with Ryan Peters (Ladyhawk, Lightning Dust) and Jay Baird (Feist, Do Make Say Think). With 16 tracks, Shotgun Jimmie has managed to make sure they all carry weight and there’s an underlying theme that really carries the album.

Transistor Sister opens with “Late Last Year,” a cute song for a girl that really introduces a common theme of nostalgia. It’s even in the lyrics, as Jimmie says, “I felt nostalgic and wanted to hold your hand…” He continues with the nostalgia for young love (“when I was in grade 9”) with “Suzy.” The first 3 songs are all catchy, fuzzy and happy sounding, as “King of Kreuztberg” is one of my favourites on the album. It’s one of those songs to hum along to and that you’ll be humming for days without even realizing it. But there are short little gems, like when my heart sorta tugs at the percussion on “Too Many Flowers.” Most of the songs are not long, so you never get the sense that Jimmie is dwelling on his nostalgia. As most of the tunes are upbeat, the sense is more that Jimmie is happy to reflect on good times, which are not limited to the courtship songs but also about the good times playing music.

There is something cheeky and whimsical about Transistor Sister. It’s in the direct storytelling, the mostly upbeat nature of the album, and the short tracks that almost act as interludes (“Paper Planes” is one of my favourites). The album is full of hooks, and a seemingly endless amount of fuzz. Moreover, the use of piano, flutes, horns and percussion in all the right spots convey all the right moods for the songs. It’s unassuming and completely easy to listen to, yet there are layers, solos, and skill backing up the whimsy. It’s an album that you can dive into over and over again and find some new gem to hold onto.

Transistor Sister will be released on March 8th via You’ve Changed Records.


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