Cursed Arrows – Death Rattle Blues

Band: Cursed Arrows
Single: “Death Rattle Blues”
Shot of choice: Jager

Cursed Arrows, made up of musical/life partners Ryan (Ry N) Stanley and Jackie (Jack E) Stanley, released their single “Death Rattle Blues” and it’s one hell of a tease following their 2009 release, Telepathic High Five.

Immediately upon listening to “Death Rattle Blues”, I was taken aback by the standout riffage and furious energy on the kit. This gritty blues rock tune is loud, surprisingly so for only two people, complemented well by vocals that just have a certain oomph. It’s a song I could listen to over and over. As an added bonus to the single, they’ve included a couple live acoustic tunes, as well as a couple impressive covers. The fuzz and harmonies really do Beck’s “Pay No Mind” justice, while Jackie’s vocals are electric for PJ Harvey’s “Rid Of Me”. This taste of what Cursed Arrows has in store next is great and leaves me wanting more. Fortunately, their forthcoming third full-length, The Madness of Crowds, is slated for release later in 2011.

What makes this release even more special is that it’s released on cassette. It’s actually available digitally for free on their bandcamp, but I dig the idea of a high quality modern-day cassette hanging out in my collection of music. Snag the opportunity while you can!


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