Rebekah Higgs – Little Voice

Artist: Rebekah Higgs
EP: Little Voice

Rebekah Higgs’ 4-song Little Voice EP is not her first recording effort; her first was a self-titled debut album in 2007. However, Higgs did take a break from solo work to front Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, and electro dance band based out of Halifax. Since then Higgs has relocated to Toronto and revisited her solo work. Little Voice is Higgs’ way of dipping her toes into the water before releasing a sophomore full-length, and it’s quite a tease.

The EP’s opener and title track, “Little Voice”, was written for her two-year-old nephew. It’s light-hearted and honest, but catchy yet simple, with Higgs’ voice layering over her own, giving the impression there’s more depth to her band. “Miserably Together” has a more dreamy pop sound, with Higgs’ voice echoing during the chorus. The lyrics are more morose, as the song’s title would imply, yet Higgs’ voice is almost comforting in this song. Although the first two songs might suggest otherwise, Higgs goes on to show that she has not forgotten her electronic ways, as a synth-based “Asleep All Winter” is a dancier number. “Drunk Love” is another dancier tune, still rich with synth but much more guitar-based, and shows that Higgs is capable of a little rocking out.

This EP features 4 songs that are quite different from each other. Yet, Higgs voice is still largely the focus. Higgs shows her versatility on this EP, making me quite curious as to what she’s got in store for her full-length, Odd Fellowship, slated for released in the New Year.

I had the privilege of catching Higgs live when she opened for The Rural Alberta Advantage and it was remarkable watching her work the pedals. Although it’s not quite neat and tidy on stage, Higgs really works for it, making use of looping and echos. And that hard work on that stage is admirable. Catch Higgs live and look out for her full-length. In the meantime, enjoy Little Voice.


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