Audio Blood Media’s Two-Night Stand at The Rivoli: Night One

Date of show: December 10, 2010

It was a real treat to see Make Your Exit, Toronto based quintet playing jazz-infused indie rock. Make Your Exit is made up of Jeff Buckley (vocals, guitar, keys), Mike Denby (guitar, vocals, keys), Oliver Pauk (saxophone, vocals), Mike Dellios (bass, vocals), and Steve Dagg (drums). Together, they bring impressive 4-part harmonies and enough charm to capture the attention of everyone in the room.

Their shows have been few and far between since they really started to dive into the recording process for their upcoming full-length, so it’s not surprising that they drew quite the crowd. The Rivoli was packed by the time Make Your Exit hit the stage and the crowd made themselves involved by singing and clapping along to most of the songs. They had the crowd excited, including members of Sandman Viper Command (Pauk actually gave SVC bassist Aaron Harvey a maraca) right up front.

Their Remind Me the Reason I Came EP was a large focus of the set, but the band also debuted some newer material. The guys are still plugging away at their full-length, but we’re eagerly anticipating its completion.

Burlington’s Sandman Viper Command is comprised of Rob Janson (vocals, guitar), Daniel Reardon (guitar), Aaron Harvey (bass) and Matt Meyer (drums). They are young and full of energy, but the guys in Sandman Viper Command always surprise me with how into their music they are. When on stage, Reardon and Harvey are always completely into it, eyes closed and obviously feeling the music. This translates well to the crowd, which had many up front jumping and singing along. At one point, someone in the crowd yelled, “Oh sick!” in response to some duelling guitars between Janson and Reardon.

The band played favourites from Everybody See This, such as “Strawberry Quick” and “Oh Yeah, It’s Fusion,” but they also revealed a new tune, still untitled but unofficially called “Feeling Solos” because of, well, solos. The turnout was great for their set and it was a solid set from the guys.

Charlotte Cornfield opened up the night and filled the room with her lovely folk rock tunes. Cornfield brings passionate vocals, with a rawness to her voice. She is both awkward and charming, but this works well for her banter and stage presence. Although the crowd was sparse at the start, it started to fill out towards the end of the set. It was particularly special to hear that joining her on drums was Ryan Granville Martin, who is not only working with Cornfield on her album but was also the man who taught her on drums. Although she’s already got two EPs under her belt, It’s Like That Here and Collage Light, hopefully the next time she stops by Toronto, she’ll have that record finished.

Ruby Coast was the surprise guest that closed out the night. There was still a great turnout and the energy was still high. Those fellas in Ruby Coast sure know how to put on an energetic set! The guys played new material, which they hope to release in the New Year. Look out for this young and energetic band because they’re indie pop is bound to make a crowd go wild.

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