Die Mannequin at The Legendary Red Rooster

Die Mannequin @ The Legendary Red Rooster, 11-12-10

Date of show: December 11, 2010
Shot of choice: whiskey

Die Mannequin

DieMannequin-01 DieMannequin-04
DieMannequin-02 DieMannequin-03 DieMannequin-05
DieMannequin-06 DieMannequin-07 DieMannequin-08
DieMannequin-09 DieMannequin-10 DieMannequin-11
DieMannequin-13 DieMannequin-14 DieMannequin-15
DieMannequin-16 DieMannequin-17 DieMannequin-18

Dearly Beloved

DearlyBeloved-01 DearlyBeloved-02 DearlyBeloved-03
DearlyBeloved-04 DearlyBeloved-05 DearlyBeloved-06
DearlyBeloved-07 DearlyBeloved-08 DearlyBeloved-09
DearlyBeloved-10 DearlyBeloved-11 DearlyBeloved-12
DearlyBeloved-13 DearlyBeloved-14 DearlyBeloved-15
DearlyBeloved-16 DearlyBeloved-19
DearlyBeloved-17 DearlyBeloved-18

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One Comment on “Die Mannequin at The Legendary Red Rooster”

  1. December 14, 2010 at 10:59 PM #

    Apologies to Dazzer and Stacy for not being in the shot. We couldn’t find them when Care and Tony were available

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