Birthday Girls – s/t

Band: Birthday Girls
EP: Birthday Girls
Shot of choice: jagerbombs

Birthday Girls quickly had our attention based on name alone. Both Rachel and I were under the impression this would be the female version of Birthday Boys, but we were quickly proven wrong. Birthday Girls is a post-punk/dance-punk band operating out of Ottawa. This 3-piece consists of Kyle Kilbride (vocals, bass), Kevin Donnelly (synth), and Lloyd Alexander (drums). Notably missing from the list of instruments they work with is a guitar, but what is important is that it does not sound like anything is missing at all.

Their self-titled debut EP full of energy, indicating that their band name is actually quite appropriate; they are certainly throwing a party with this EP. It’s a short recording effort that is 4 songs and just over 15 minutes long, but it is jam-packed with high-octane, adrenaline-inducing fun. Their dance-like sound is marked by melodic synths alongside strong bass lines and pounding drums, but their punk-esque sound is found in the fiery, harsher vocals. Overall, the EP is really quite catchy and I’m curious to see what kind of antics would come from their live show. It’s a strong debut, but I’d say their sound would lend itself particularly well to a live party environment.

The EP is streaming on both of their social networking sites, Facebook and Myspace. Check it out and hopefully we’ll soon see what kind of party Birthday Girls can throw.


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