Cut Throat Britva – s/t

Band: Cut Throat Britva
EP: Cut Throat Britva
Shot of choice: Because this quote is the best, I’m just going to go ahead and quote Zaddi Pesino. “We usually like doing shots of Jameson and Jager but if those aren’t available we like doing swedish berries and porn stars.”

Cut Throat Britva is a 4-piece rock band based out of Toronto. The band is made up of Caleb Timmermans (vocals, guitar), Zaddi Pesino (guitar, vocals), Eddie Fiore (drums), but they’ve struggled to secure a permanent bass player in their short life as a band. However, this band has garnered some recognition in their first year and a half by playing The Steamwhistle/Edge 102.1 Indie Showcase, as well as Toronto’s NXNE and CMW festivals. Earlier this year, Cut Throat Britva released their debut EP.

Timmermans brings almost groove rock-like vocals, but this is offset by the much more harder driven rock sounds backing him. Cut Throat Britva opens up their EP with “Soleless” and immediately Timmermans vocals stand out. “Violater” really highlights their energetic rock, with duelling fuzzy guitars at their finest. “Wanted More,” which is likely my favourite tune on the 5-song EP, eases up from the harder driven rock and for a bit of a more melodic driven tune. The break is quickly cut short by Timmerman’s passionate wail in “Pink Pills.” The EP ends with the almost anthem-like “GHB.” The entire EP sounds raw and edgy, while still making use of their pop sensibilities.

It’s a solid recording effort by a band still working their way out of their infancy as a band, but, based on what I can tell from how they sound recorded, the live show is probably really where it’s at. Download their EP for free and then be sure to check them out live.


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