Say Domino – Who’s We?

Band: Say Domino
EP: Who’s We?
Shot of choice: Seeing as 2/3 are underage, I don’t think there is much a point in telling you this, but Matt Trocchi (the 19-year-old) likes tequila.

Say Domino is a unique London, Ontario band. They are unique for a couple of reasons: 1) They meld an interesting combination of groove rock, art rock and funk, among other genres/sounds; and 2) They are incredibly young, with the youngest being 16 and the oldest at 19. This 3-piece is made up of Steven Lourenco (vocals, bass), Eric Lourenco (drums), and Matt Trocchi (guitar).

The guys have put out 5 diverse, driven, and eclectic songs in their Who’s We? EP. Their youth is obvious lyrically, but the vocals may fool you, as it’s staggering how Lourenco sounds beyond his years with his deep, hard rock voice. There is a rawness to the sound, which is not surprising considering the EP was recorded live off the floor, and it probably gives you a good idea of how strong they may sound live. These guys experiment with different influences and, for the most part, they make it work in a way that sounds very put-together and is a sign of their maturity. In time, I expect to hear great things about these guys. If this is how they sound only 3 years into their formation with all 3 members being under the age of 20, I expect them to sound even better with time.

My favourite track on Who’s We? is “Amount,” which is probably the catchiest tune but certainly not their edgiest. However, my favourite part of the EP is actually the album artwork by Lena Suksi. Seriously, it’s pretty badass.


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