Sweet Thing’s Sweet Album Release Party

Date of show: August 18, 2010

There is something inherently special about an album release party, especially when for a debut album. The energy at such a party is so high that the atmosphere is almost magical. Toronto’s Sweet Thing managed to pull out all the stops, including bubbles, confetti, balloons, tambourine giveaways, and a special visit into the crowd by frontman Owen Carrier.

Sweet Thing is a 5-piece pop band based out of Toronto and currently signed to EMI. Although Owen is the primary vocalist, all 4 of his bandmates also provide vocals to some degree. Nick Rose (guitar) takes the lead on “Dance Mother” and provides the most harmonies, followed by drummer Tyler Kyte. Morgan Waters (bass) and Alex Winter (guitar) add their vocal stylings on a select number of tracks. When seeing Sweet Thing on stage, it is clear how well they work together and how much fun they have performing.

The guys brought their own style of pop rock to the stage and always a part of a Sweet Thing song is the element of the theatrical. They sing catchy pop songs, but entertain with adding some dorky fun to the mix. Nick was wearing horn-rimmed glasses for most of the set, although those glasses made it to Morgan at some point as well. Likely the most boisterous band member, Morgan was even jumping on balloons at the end of the set. Towards the end of the encore, Morgan, Nick and Alex were laying down pretending to be asleep while Owen was in the crowd, feeling the energy and trying to make eye contact with as much of the crowd as possible. The charisma of every single member of the band helps to create a thoroughly entertaining show.

Upon remarking that The Mod Club is known for their fancy lights, Owen said it wasn’t needed that night because they had “fancy music, fancy pants and fancy fans.” The fans were indeed “fancy” as the crowd was electric that night. It was certainly a fun evening at The Mod Club. Be sure to congratulate these guys on their album release and buy them a shot when you see them!

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2 Comments on “Sweet Thing’s Sweet Album Release Party”

  1. Chiara
    August 23, 2010 at 9:06 PM #

    did you happen to catch “change of seasons” on camera? once the bubbles/ balloons/confetti came pouring down i wished there weren’t so many arms flailing so that i could have preserved the awesomeness!

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