Bravestation – 2010 EP

Band: Bravestation
EP: 2010 EP
Shot of choice: whiskey

I had heard about Bravestation’s EP release before I had actually heard any Bravestation. I had a bit of a listen and I enjoyed what I heard, but, ultimately, I didn’t end up attending the event. In a random twist of events, they started following me on Twitter and I had a better listen. I also got Rachel to have a listen that day and her exact words were, “I like this… and I’m only 30 seconds into the song.”

Bravestation’s new wave indie pop sound puts them on the map alongside bands like Yeasayer and Foals. But they also have their own edge, which make them a band to watch out for. Lyrically catchy (but not overly so), this 5-song EP is worth your attention. The 2010 EP is layered with rich, colourful harmonies, courtesy of brothers Devin and Derek Wilson. With solid beats from drummer Jeremy Rossetti, you can’t help but appreciate Bravestation’s Brit-like style. Andrew Heppler’s talent with arrangements is evident, as the use of keyboards adds a dreamy-esque feel.

Turn up the volume or listen to the album in a quiet place to fully appreciate the harmonies, careful arrangements (including handclaps in “Colour Us With Youth”!), and, simply, Devin’s voice. But once you’ve done that, go out and see them live… and buy them a shot!

Oh and you can find the album available for download at their Bandcamp site here. Give them your email. Download. Listen. Enjoy.


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