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CMW Night 6: Pick A Piper, Babe, Wild Domestic & More

Sunday, March 24, 2013 Duck Duck Goose – 8pm @ Rancho Relaxo (Two Way Monologues & GreenShades) With minimal showcases and many people having already checked out in favour of sleep, we headed out to Rancho Relaxo for the last night of CMW. The first band up was Toronto’s Duck Duck Goose. While the psychedelic […]

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TWM + CMF @ Rancho Relaxo

Two Way Monologues should be familiar to most of Toronto. If you’ve been to a show at Rancho Relaxo in the last while, it was probably run by Two Way Monologues and, more specifically, booked by Dan Wolovick. Two Way Monologues is also a music website with a handful of fine folks working behind it. […]

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