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Jay Malinowski & the Dead Coast Perform Martel at the Great Hall

Date of show: April 4, 2014 Walking into The Great Hall early on a Friday evening, I was greeted with a low-lit room set up with chairs, each adorned with a flyer for Martel, filling the intimate evening with an air of class and richness. A hush fell over the already entranced audience as Jay […]

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Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast – Martel

Band: Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast Album: Martel Written by: Chiara DiAngelo Jay Malinowski’s latest effort, the introspective Martel, delves into the historical and imagined life story of Malinowski’s ancestor, sailor Charles Martel. A double concept album, there are 9 songs on the “Pacific” side and 9 on the “Atlantic” side with the album’s storytelling […]

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