The Story


CMW 2010: We all decided to check out the CHARTattack showcase at the Horseshoe Tavern on March 11. The lineup that night was: Magneta Lane, Amos the Transparent, Green Go, Hollerado, The Besnard Lakes, Great Bloomers, and Arietta. We all knew we wanted to see Hollerado.

This was the first time I had seen them live. Rachel and Amanda had already seen them plenty of times and had already shot a bunch of their shows. I was hooked immediately. They played with such energy that it was hard not to like them. Menno Versteeg (vocals, guitar) told awkward stories, or awkwardly told stories, which added to the charm. Brothers Nixon Boyd (guitar, vocals) and Jake Boyd (drums) excelled in their respective roles. Nick shreds and Jake plays with a hearty smile on his face. When I found out it was bassist Dean Baxter‘s birthday (after it hit midnight – March 12), thanks to Menno’s stage banter, I decided it was important to buy shots for the birthday boy, a member of this band I instantly loved.

And that’s how we started buying shots for bands. Seems pretty simple, eh? We’ve bought shots for and done shots with Dean several times since then and we’ve done shots with a few others, as well.

When we were coming up with a title for a music blog, this, buying shots for bands, just made sense to us. It’s also fitting our story involves Hollerado. Credit to Amanda for the brilliance, by the way.

We are serious about the music. It’s something we’re all passionate about. But we want to have some fun too. We’ll keep going to shows. We’ll keep taking photos, recording video, and attempting to come up with half decent reviews. And if we like you, we’ll do shots. We think that sounds like a pretty sweet deal!


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