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Black Hat Brigade, Lordy Lordy and Buffalo at Rancho Relaxo

Date of show: December 3, 2011 Black Hat Brigade While the future of Black Hat Brigade still remains unclear, the band (currently on a hiatus) reunited at Rancho Relaxo for at least one more show. The bill was also filled out with side/new projects from band members. Fans gathered to pack the venue, hoping that […]

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CMW Night 1: TWM Showcase at Rancho Relaxo + The Autumn Portrait

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Lordy Lordy – 9:00PM @ Rancho Relaxo Toronto’s Lordy Lordy opened up the night and our Canadian Music Fest. Their music is like going back in time, especially with their set opener, “Carnivore Clocks.” Their guitar-focused rock pays homage to a 60s sound while firmly planted in the present day. Every […]

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TWM CMF Friday

TWM + CMF @ Rancho Relaxo

Two Way Monologues should be familiar to most of Toronto. If you’ve been to a show at Rancho Relaxo in the last while, it was probably run by Two Way Monologues and, more specifically, booked by Dan Wolovick. Two Way Monologues is also a music website with a handful of fine folks working behind it. […]

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Buying Shots for Old World Vulture at The Horseshoe Tavern

Date of show: January 6, 2010 Shot of choice: tequila It’s impressive when a strictly instrumental band has the ability to hold your attention. Old World Vulture does just that. The guys that make up Old World Vulture are Mike Costanzo (guitar, loops, sampling), Devin Hughes (synths), Jamie Hunter (drums) and Anthony Perri (bass). Together […]

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Lordy Lordy

Lordy Lordy Attempts to Bring Back the Beach at the El Mocambo

Date of show: October 14, 2010 Lordy Lordy played a short set to a rather sparse El Mocambo crowd. There’s something about the vastness of the venue that really makes it look like no one is there, but the guys did draw most of the attendees to the stage to enjoy the set. Justin Myler […]

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Bring Back the Beach - Lordy Lordy

Help Lordy Lordy Bring Back the Beach!

You might remember Lordy Lordy from this night. Well, they are throwing a party next week and you are all invited! With fall upon us, the guys in Lordy Lordy are missing summer and they want to bring back the beach for a night. They’re even going so far as requesting people wear summer clothes. […]

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lordy lordy shot 1

Buying Shots for Lordy Lordy at Rancho Relaxo

Date of show: August 21, 2010 Shot of choice: Jameson (except they wanted to be different and asked for Wild Turkey) Lordy Lordy is Justin Myler (vocals, guitar), Bryan Ward (drums, harmonica, vocals) and Justin Christie (guitar, slide guitar). This psychedelic rock trio were second to rock the stage that night at Rancho Relaxo. To […]

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